2017 Facial Hair Styles for a New Look

Trending Beard Styles for 2017

Are you tired of always your growing your beard in the same way?

Then style it. Whether you are in a corporate world who prefers a clean look, a rocker, an artist, or anybody, check out these trending hot new beard styles. Get a new look with 2017 facial hair styles.

Here Are Six of the Trending 2017 Facial Hair Styles

1. Balbo

Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect model for the Balbo. The Iron Man actor has been maintaining this look for years. Now it’s a hot new beard style among men. The Balbo look is perfect for men with a narrow chin.

To achieve the Balbo look, you first have to grow a full beard and mustache. This means that you should not shave your facial-hair for about a month. Then get good razors and start carefully sculpting your facial hair.

2Popular 2017 Facial Hair Styles. Clean Shaven

The classic clean look will never fade out. Some men prefer to give a clean and tidy look by completely shaving their facial-hair. This look is more common for those who are in the corporate world. At work, you need to maintain a clean look.

3. Circle Beard

This is also called the standard beard. This combination of mustache and rounded goatee suits oval or round shape faced men. The circle beard still looks tidy so you can still look presentable while not needing to shave off all your facial hair.

To achieve this, you must grow just enough facial-hair. You can start to shave the beard on the sides of your cheeks and start shaping it. It also helps to go to a salon and have it shaped for you. Once you do this, you can then maintain it by yourself.

4. Extended Goatee

This is what we call the Hollywoodian look, and also known as the tailback. This is also a combination of mustache and goatee without the sideburns. It is a facial-hair style perfect for those with square and oval face shape.

To achieve the extended goatee, grow an average volume of facial hair. Shave the sideburns, and just leave the mustache.

5. Friendly Mutton Chops

Commonly known as the sideburn or side whiskers, it is derived from the American Civil War general, Ambrose Burnside.

To grow sideburns, first grow your mustache and sideburns until they are joined. Then, shave the area on your lower lip to the chin. The sideburn matches both the square and circular shaped faces.

6. Full Beard

Another classic and the manliest look, the full beard is the most preferred of the hot new beard styles among men. It is great for a triangle, inverted triangle, and diamond shaped faces on men.

To get the full beard look, simply grow a full beard by not shaving for about six weeks. Then shape it with a razor to even out your beard.


Try to give yourself a new look this 2017 by styling your beard. Know your face shape and with this shortlist of hot new facial hair styles, find the perfect beard type for you.