Top 10 Benefit of Having Beard For Men

Image result for having beardWhen certain thing turn out to be famous, it even becomes a aim for criticism from those who either do not know the trend or just do not interested in it. Beards have got big fame with men around the world. They are used like a method to do a personal statement and assist shape the person’s style. But, not all is satisfied that this is a best thing. There is a huge contingency of those who think that beards are simply plain cool, but there are several detractors who would instead view beards simply go away. Fortunately for those who love the beards and those who like men who love the beards, there are several reasons than simply style for keeping a beard. The critic possibly do not know that there are health benefits to containing a beard, that shows that it is a time to understand them on why men with beards like to be healthier than the men who cut the facial hair.

1. Block UV rays:

More and more scientific research has revealed that thick beards are has the capacity to block up to ninety five percent of the UV rays from the sun. It avoids the skin from receiving burnt however they also assist to shield the skin from obtaining cancer.
2. Shaving provides you acne:

If you contain a beard, the options are solid that you possess smooth skin under the beard. Shaving the face assists to spread the bacteria that makes acne. This shows that letting the beard to develop and taking right care of the beard motivates healthy skin.

3. Experience is everything:

In one test, eight men contain their beards saved off, they grew the beard back. There were images captured at every stage of new beard development to offer a catalogue of the improvement. When they had completely re-grown the facial hair, the scientists brought collectively sixty four men and sixty four women to check the improvement images and receive their comments. The test presented that when the beards grew in fuller, the comments that the people had of every man was imaged to be positive. Each man was scored like visible to be so nature, healthy and attractive when their beards turn out to be fuller.

4. Create the confidence:

Men who have lot of confidence in themselves like to be highly effective in different aspect of the lives. A beard offers a man a feeling of confidence and power that is immediately evident to all people around him. Hence, taking the decision to make a beard is a method for a man to fix a greater standard for the life and turn out to be highly successful.

5. A natural filter:

Those who grow a beard enjoy the advantages of getting microscopic allergens kept out and so the decrease of the impacts of conditions likes hay fever. By having a beard, that filtering shield is considered to a complete new level. Actually, a beard will assist keep the similar allergens and bacteria out of the mouth, that will result to complete better health. While you merge a beard with a moustache, you receive a twofold security which clear faced men cannot receive. You want to take right steps to clean and maintain the beard filter. The famous grooming way is to avail beard oil.

6. Fountain of youth:

A beard can really perform like a fountain of youth due to the reason of the protection it gives. It keeps the skin clear and containing a beard shows you lower the level of acne and discoloration on the skin. The skin will remain healthy for longer. The skill of a beard to make allergen out of the system will even enhance the total health. In this method, beards work to make you appearing younger and also feeling younger.

7. Fewer wrinkles:

Getting lesser amount of exposure to the sun shows that you receive fewer wrinkles. The choice to shield the face from wrinkles by utilizing a beard is not an opportunity to everyone, those who do get the chance to take benefit of the beauty advantage must get on board and begin developing the beards.

8. Assists decrease the probability of gum disease:

If the beard assists to maintain airborne bacteria out of the mouth, it decreases the chances of obtaining gum disease. It must be considered that you will want to brush the teeth to perform the share of security against gum diseases. Beards provide slightly an additional protection which other people do not possess.

9. Keeps the skin moist:

Shaving the facial hair opens the pores and can even make the cuts on the face which will dry out the skin. It makes a situation where the skin loses its moisture and so it can begin to flake. If you contain a beard, you prevent all of the problems and make the skin healthy and beautiful.

10. Avoids other bacterial infections:

While you contain a beard, the pores in the skin are protected naturally against the bacteria which may attempt to enter in and make an infection. It can arrive from different types of sources and possess the potential to become highly dangerous when it contains a portal to get access to the skin. Shaving opens up the portals and let the bacterial to arrive pouring in. If you have a beard, the gateways are closed. A beard is above a cool facial accessory. It is even a life saving unit. With the advantages that beards provide, it is exciting that not lot of men are developing beards. Remember that the beard offers you a healthier skin and longer life. It is often good to get a scientific method to silence the opponent.

Beards are really very different beasts. They develop at various rates in reaction to seasonal changes in hormone levels, high at summer, when they will be at the wonderful hairy. Most of them understand on keeping the beard well trimmed and combed, however it needs some effort to get a healthy and shiny beard.

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Facts about hair and shaving

result of facial hair growthMyths and facts about facial hair and shaving are plenty. Things that do not happen at the right time and in the right moment can cause trouble. This holds good for facial hair too! Pondering on the reasons why your friends have got beards and you don’t even have signs of it showing up? Here is all that you are looking for!

Facts about facial hair

Time of growth 

The time of growth of facial hair varies from person to person. The normal time for beards to start showing up for boys is in their early teens. Your friends may have begun to grow beards in their early teens while you are yet to. This is very common. This does not necessarily mean any defect as such. Facial hair is one of the last changes of puberty noticeable in boys and it may take its own sweet time to show up!

Genital influence

The time of growth, color of the facial hair, location of the facial hair and amount of such hair is influenced by your genes to a great extent. Your facial hair features are inherited from your family line. Facial hair take time to form a pattern and such pattern gets set in the latter part of teen age.

Stages of growth 

Just like any other part, facial hair has its distinctive stages of growth such as the growing stage, regression stage, resting stage and finally the shedding stage. Analysis of what stage your beard belongs to will help a great deal in maintaining it.

Lifestyle impacts

Dietary guidelines such as high protein intake help in facial hair growth. Keratin is a major component present in hair follicles and protein intake can seal the deal by enhancing hair growth. Eggs, fish and nuts are a few such magic creators. The other lifestyle change is exercising. Yes, it is a fact that exercises increase blood flow and that in turn contributes to facial hair growth. Intake of vitamin B also contributes to beard growth. Smoking is a major cause for hair loss and leads to thinning beard. Facial massage fosters facial hair growth to a great extent.

Choosing the correct razor

Consider various different options before choosing your razor or trimmer. Taking the traditional option of a safety razor or choosing the trendy cartridge razor is under your discretion but, remember both have their own pros and cons. Evaluate your options carefully before going with either of these as selecting a razor plays a major role in the growth of facial hair.

Maintenance phase

Maintenance of facial hair is as important as growing it. Use beard softeners. Many essential oils are available in the market which can help in softening the beards and reducing itchiness. Bonus is that your beard will smell great after application! Moisturizing and nourishing the skin and hydration of beard is vital.

hair growth facts

The facts about facial hair are numerous. Here are a few points on the pros and cons of facial hair.

Pros and cons of facial hair growth

Pros of facial hair growth

Enhances facial features

Growing a beard can help you show the parts of your face that you need to show and hide your bad features. You can never look bad with a well maintained and suitable beard!

Identity establishment

Be a man, grow a beard! What could be more rugged and sexy than a beard that fills up your face? Try new styles and make your beard your identity. You can never feel more rewarded and satisfied if your beard turns up the way you want it to be.


A common feeling that men have regarding fashion and style is that they do not have much to show off when compared to women. This feeling can be overcome by growing a beard. Beards are always in trend and so you can boast your fashion quotient by growing and maintaining a trendy beard.

Fight the cold winter

Your beard does more than you can ever imagine. Your beard can act as a natural heating solution and keep you warm in winters.

Health Benefits

Surprisingly, beard has a few health benefits too! Beards help in reducing the risk of skin cancer. It eliminates many respiratory problems too.

Cons of facial hair growth

Skin problems

Shaving can cause skin irritation. Itchiness and redness are a few other problems that can be faced. Usage of beard conditioners and oil can solve a few of such complications.

Maintenance defects

It is important to maintain ones beard but there might be places where trial and error method has to be adopted as there is no such thing as a definite maintenance solution when it comes to grooming.

The period in between

Deciding to grow a beard can be easy. But the period in between such growth is where the real trouble is. Your great beard comes with a price. You may not necessarily look at your best in the “in between’ phase. Pass through that phase and then you will get that hot beard that you intended to get.


Like hair-fall isn’t enough! Beard hairs tend to shred in the shredding phase and this can be irritating.

Now let us come to the most pondered question of all time- Does shaving enhance beard growth?

It is a myth that shaving a particular region will result in increased hair growth. If you think that shaving more will result in more hair growth, think no more as it is not right. Research all you want but, no proven statement will be found supporting this myth. As discussed earlier, there are stages of growth for beard and simply shaving it cannot make it thicker.

Effective solutions for healthy grooming

Proteins and vitamin B can provide the necessary supplements to foster facial hair growth.

Proper resting and exercising can also solve the cause. 

Conditioning and using beard shampoos available in the market helps in maintaining a great beard. Beard oils are available for smoothening and to avoid itchiness

Do not shave too much. The proverb ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ holds good in this scenario too.

Choose your razor wisely and take care not to hurt yourself while shaving. Use shaving gel or cream instead of soap. Change the blades of the razor at regular intervals.

Grow a beard and more importantly maintain it well. Happy Grooming!

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