Beard Czar vs. Biotin

Beard Czar for Facial Hair Growth

Do You Have Trouble with Growing Your Beard?

Beards are associated with masculinity amongst males. Men with thicker, fuller beards tend to look more manly than those with less. Even boys in their adolescent stage would already start shaving their thin, prickly hair when they can. They do this in attempts to grow their beards thicker.

Unfortunately, not all men are showered with enough genes where thick hair will naturally grow on their faces. No matter how much they shave regularly, they still cannot make the thickness of the facial hair as thick and scruffy as they would like.

That is why facial hair growth supplements were developed and now distributed in the market. These hair supplements are the solution to men having slow growth of hair on their face.

There are many hair supplements available in stores now. Two of the most famous and effective hair growth tools are Biotin supplements and the Beard Czar. Though both promote facial hair growth, what is the difference between the two? Let’s compare Beard Czar vs. Biotin.

Biotin Hair Growth

Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The reaction between cell enzymes and biotin form into amino acids, which is the building blocks of protein. By adding biotin to your hair, naturally, growth increases.

There are many negative comments regarding overdosage on biotin hair growth. Overdosage, not only in biotin but also in others things, is generally harmful. So be sure, take biotin with an allowance that is at or less than the recommended daily dosage. To achieve a faster growth and stronger hair, it is recommended to take 5,000 mcg of biotin supplements daily.

Some foods also contain biotin. Avocados, salmon, eggs, and almonds are some of the food which contains biotin. These examples all contain different amounts. However, the required daily dosage may not be enough when only consuming these biotin-rich foods. That is why Biotin hair growth supplements are taken.

Beard Czar Facial Hair Complex

This is another supplement for facial hair growth. It contains vitamins, minerals, and oils for growing the hair on your face faster and stronger. The main ingredients in Beard Czar Hair Complex are:

Beard Supplements for Men-Biotin
Biotin helps in the production of keratin and gives strength to each every hair strand.

– Vitamin A
Also known as Retinol, it helps produce Sebum, an oily substance that nourishes hair. It helps your hair grow smooth and prevents breakage.

– Vitamin E and Niacin
Vitamin E gives volume to the hair on your face. Niacin stimulates the growing of your hair follicles. These components result in a thicker and stronger hair.

– Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps maintain the smooth texture of hair on your face.


Beards are not the only measurement of a man’s masculinity. However, we cannot deny that men tend to look more manly when they are bearded. It also adds confidence to men who have them. Again, not everyone has the genes necessary to grow thick facial hair. One can still grow thick facial hair using hair growth supplements.

When comparing Beard Czar vs. Biotin hands down the Beard Czar wins. Although the Biotin supplement can already make this happen, Beard Czar is rich in biotin plus other vitamins and minerals. It doesn’t just grow thick facial hair but helps make a beard healthy, smooth, and free from breakage.

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